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October 23, 2014
Hi friends, okay, so this is a combination personal message,

Hi friends, okay, so this is a combination personal message, acknowledgement of my wife's awesomeness, and me bragging about my daughter. As I have said many times, I have the most amazing job in the world. I get to make a living doing something that I love to do. I am so fortunate, and humbled by you guys' continued support of our band and our music. But, as Joe Walsh so eloquently put it, "I can't complain, but sometimes I still do"... I am on the road a lot so I miss a ton of cool stuff that happens at home while I'm away. Now, the good news is that Lisa is not only hot, but she has been the primary force in bringing up my three younger children, Holly, Josh and Shane, and was also a big part of my son Paris' upbringing from the time he was 12 years old. I could not possibly do what I do without her strength and ability to hold down the fort when I'm on tour. But, as I said I miss so much cool stuff, the most recent of which is, (here is where I brag about my daughter), Holly being voted Homecoming Princess. As her Dad, I was supposed to escort her on to the field at halftime of the homecoming game for her presentation. Anyway, here is Holly. I remain her proud Daddy, and your humble rock servant.

October 18, 2014
This version of Roll With The Changes is awesome.

This version of Roll With The Changes is awesome. Support this hard working young rock band by downloading the single on iTunes and maybe they will record one of your songs too...kc

Josh, Garrett, Wes... Miss you guys hope to see you again sometime soon!!!!!

~shane cronin

October 15, 2014
Hi friends,

Hi friends, I can assure you that there is no bigger compliment than when another artist covers one of our songs. Dolly Parton's version of "Time For Me To Fly" was nothing we would have ever come up with, which made it all the more cool. My son Shane turned me on to some original songs by a great young band from Long Beach, California called the Moderates last year. We dug them so much that we invited the band to open our show in San Diego this past summer. The Mods returned the favor by recording their take on "Roll With The Changes". I think it is awesome. You can see for yourselves...check it out on YouTube here Also available on iTunes! Pictured backstage, Cronins and Moderates left to right: Josh Cronin, Wesley Mathison, me, Garrett Huff, Josh Taylor, Shawn Cronin.

October 8, 2014
Hi friends, thank you all for the birthday greetings,

Hi friends, thank you all so much for your birthday greetings, all 300,000 plus of you! I feel so touched. I feel like 36, in fact this whole 63 thing may be some sort of horrible misprint on my birth certificate! But age is just a number. I feel young in spirit and I love sharing that feeling through our music every night on stage. Hope to see you in Laughlin, Nevada and Fresno, California this weekend. And thanks again for the outpouring of birthday guys are the best. kc

August 18, 2014
Hi Friends,

Hi friends, well we have been living here in Manhattan for the past week and have had beautiful walking around weather, played three sold out shows in the New York area, and made plenty of new friends along the way.
The NYPD helped us out of a little jam when, shall we say, our tour bus was a bit too wide for 54th Street as we pulled into town. Always nice when the city's finest turn out to be REO fans! You know you have been on the road when you realize that you need a haircut half way through the tour. Luckily I got word about Gabriel Jenkins, as he cuts fellow young and handsome lead singer Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic's hair. Yes, you heard right, I said fellow young and handsome lead singer! Hey, I know I turn 63 later this year, but I'm sorry, I still feel young, and plan on feeling young for the rest of my life...why not? I'm not saying it's always easy getting out to the gym, or passing on that ice cream sundae, but life is choices and every time I make a good one, I always feel better. So yes, I am forever young...and okay, I admit Ryan Tedder is both young and handsome, but at least I have a cool haircut!
Meanwhile, the REO/Chicago train keeps rolling and getting stronger every day. I am not kidding when I say that our Encore is truly a force of nature. It gets tighter and more fun every night. Robert Lamm sings this blues lick in Keep On Loving You that blows my mind every night. I have always dug Robert's voice, but I never knew he was such a good blues singer. Jason Scheff hits these amazing soulful high notes which take our songs to entirely new places. Dave and Keith Rowlands have become a two man guitar army, same thing for Bryan, Tris and Wall...they are a fricking percussion bulldozer, I have no idea what that means, but you get the picture, right? Neal and Lou Pardini have bonded on keyboards, and Lou sings his butt off...this dude is as soulful as it gets. I get to sing with him on Chicago's song, "Free" where we trade vocal answers and he raises the bar every night. I love it, it just keeps getting better. But as you might imagine, the thing that puts this thing over the top musically is hearing the amazing Chicago brass section on our songs. Jimmy Pancow's charts turn any song they play into a Chicago song. Before this tour I could have never imagined "Keep On Loving You" with I can't imagine it without horns! Plus, I get to sing lead all over these awesome Chicago songs, and Robert encourages me to continue to take the melodies to new places and sing the songs like they are my own, and mostly to have fun. He is such a supportive dude. Then add to that the fact that everyone gets along so well on a personal level...the Chicago guys are all genuinely great humans. We have eleven shows left on this tour and we will surely always treasure this experience.
My point is, if this tour is coming to a city near you, you need to come. If for any reason you can't get tickets, just come and hang out outside the amphitheater and listen!
Okay, I gotta hit the streets on this rare day off, knowing I will be safe and protected by my buddies at NYPD
rock on, kc

PS. I miss my family so much...I love you Lis, xome

Pictured below: left...kc and his new bodyguard, right...kc, his new haircut, and Gabriel Jenkins

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