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July 21, 2014
Hi friends,

Hi friends, one of the cool perks of touring is we play a number of big rock festivals such as Moondance Jam, where we played last night. I had some onstage dental issues which posed a challenge, but with the support of the band, and 20,000 amazing fans, I was able to rock my way through it...thanks you guys! Oh yeah, I was talking about the backstage at the festivals is so much fun. We get to hang with old friends like George Thorogood, who played an awesome set last night, and meet new friends like Jakob Dylan. Jakob walked right up to me, introduced himself as an REO fan, and we proceeded to talk about bands, the current state of music and touring, the importance of our families...I found Jakob to be quite charming and intelligent. Too bad I always forget to get people's contact info, I would like to talk to him again. Oh well, hopefully the Wallflowers will be on another show with us sometime soon. Meanwhile, I plan to rock my ass off here in Omaha tonight. I am a Midwest person and I love Midwest people. You guys are so loyal, you love to come out and hear live music, and you love to party, Let's rock out big time tonight...I'm so ready! kc

July 17, 2014
Hi friends,

Hi friends, Lisa and I hung with our buddy Huey Lewis over post-concert Martinis and Chardonnay the other day in San Diego. Huey's Mom is a neighbor of Lisa's hippie sister Carla, and we bumped into her at a Grateful Dead fan club gathering up in Stinson Beach,'s a long story! Anyway, Huey and I shared stories of overworked vocal cords, touring with Chicago, potential future golf outings, and charter jet fuselage surfing (Huey is an expert). Always awesome to hang with other rock'n roll survivors. Huey is as cool and funny as always. What would you guys think of an REO co-headline tour with Huey Lewis and the News sometime down the line?  Okay, gotta run, big show at Rockfest here in Cadott, Wisconsin. We get to play along with Sammy Hagar, Winger, and Steel Panther tonight. Sounds good to me...let's rock!

June 19, 2014
Hi friends, first of all a belated Happy Fathers Day to all our fellow Dads out there.

Hi friends, first of all a belated Happy Fathers Day to all our fellow Dads out there. I hope you all enjoyed sitting in your favorite chair, watching sports, beverage in hand, being waited on and having your every request taken care of...IN YOUR DREAMS!I have missed the majority of my Fathers Days to being on tour so I still hold on to the Fathers Day Fantasy. Truth is I did have my wife and children all around me, which is really what is most important, but that bit about being waited on hand and foot never quite materialized...oh well, I did have a great time. Of all the things we do in life there is nothing more important in my opinion than being there for our kids. The hardest part of my job is that it takes me away from home so much. This is a really nice hotel room, but it gets pretty lonely around this time of night.I am looking forward to the weekend...not just the concerts, but the soundchecks as well. We are very close to being ready to start playing one of the new songs we have been working on at soundchecks this year. The plan is to debut it over the next week or so. The REO/Chicago tour is taking shape quite nicely. Robert Lamm and I have been working on the musical details, as our production teams have been lining up the nuts and bolts of the concert. This tour is by far the biggest creative stretch between us and another co-headliner...our music being rock/folk based, theirs being jazz/rock based. Rock is obviously the common thread, and rock we will. Both our bands will be on stage together for the massive six-song encore at the end of each show. The Chicago horn section on Roll With The Changes...are you kidding me? How awesome is that? I cannot wait.Okay, I need to call home and see how everyone is doing. Lisa just texted something about really needing me right about now. It is nice to feel needed, and at the same time really tough to be away from home. See you guys down the road, don't miss us this summer. We be rockin'....kc

June 4, 2014
Hi friends, so you guys are into #TuneAFishTuesday in a big way

Hi friends, so you guys are into #TuneAFishTuesday in a big way...I love it. As of now there are 1,268 responses, not all come in at under ten words, no biggie, but that equals a lot of words which is why it is taking mge longer than I thought to read every one. So please be patient, I am on it. Tuesday rules!...kc

June 3, 2014
Hi friends,

Well today is the very first official #TuneAFishTuesday. Tuesday being one of the more overlooked days of the week, just happens to be one of our favorites. I always seem to gravitate toward the underdog, so we will be celebrating the third day of the week with various fun/wacky activities. Today we will have a little contest called, "Win the shirt off KC's back". Here's how it works: In ten words or less, tell me why you deserve the t-shirt I am wearing in this photo. I will read the posts and pick a winner who will literally get the shirt off my back, autograph and all. Simple, fun and hopefully wacky. Okay, remember...10 words or less and be sure to include the hastags #TuneAFishTuesday #REOSpeedwagon Good luck!

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