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May 7, 2015
Hi friends, the REO Family was out in force for the Imagine REO Speedragons on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

Hi friends, the REO Family was out in force for the Imagine REO Speedragons on the Jimmy Kimmel Show this past Monday. Look at all those smiling faces. We had a night to remember, surrounded by our beautiful wives and kids, the awesome Kimmel crew, and our new friends Imagine Dragons. Jimmy is a down to earth friendly guy. My sons Josh and Shane are true fans of the show and got selfies with both Jimmy and Guillermo. Shout out to our longtime buddy John "Wolky" Wolk who was instrumental in making this appearance happen. Below: Lisa, Jimmy, and KC. Dan and KC, Shane Cronin, Jimmy and KC with the back of Wolky's head. The Hitts, the Halls, the Cronins, Dave, Dee Dee and Neal Doughty.

May 2, 2015
Hi friends, lots of big events coming up.

Hi friends, lots of big events coming up. Tonight we get to watch the Fight of the Century with Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao, and Monday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live we get to see the Mash-Up of the Century, well certainly at least the mash up of the week with the debut of Imagine REO Dragonwagon, or is it REO Speed Dragon? Call it what you will, we are all very psyched about this gig. I was on the phone with Wayne, the Dragon's guitarist yesterday and both bands are into performing "Roll With The Changes" like it has never been done before! Then the Family First Tour starts kicking into gear. We are playing a more select schedule than usual this year, only because we all want more time at home. We all love playing live, but this summer we are going to conserve some energy. At the same time we worked up "Say You Love Me Or Say Goodnight", "In My Dreams", and have added Dave singing lead on "Stranglehold" to our encore. Dave took over when Derek St Holmes left Ted's band in the mid 80s and knows all those classic songs. I have always had two loves, family and music. Keeping the two in balance is very important to me, but ultimately it is Family First. I am so fortunate to have a strong and supportive wife, (we just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary), and four awesome children. I especially love it when family and music intersect as they did last weekend... Dave, Bryan, and I did a benefit show for the William Shattner Foundation which funds a number of children's charities. We played an unplugged set at the LA Equestrian Center and were joined by the Cronettes, Lisa and Holly Cronin on backing vocals. At one point I had all of them, plus my sons Josh And Shane, and Bill and Liz Shattner on stage for our finale of Roll With The Changes. My grown son Paris was working that night. I was told that when my family was all together singing that I had a joyful glow all around me, and I believe it as I sure felt that way. Okay, so make some popcorn, set your DVR, whatever it takes, but don't miss the REImagine O Wagon Dragons on Jimmy Kimmel, Monday at 11:30, 10:30 Central on ABC...kc

December 26, 2014
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night...thanks to each and all of you guys for your continued support, kc

November 20, 2014
Hi Friends,

Hi friends, things got pretty intense in the studio as Lee and I went nose to nose Chicago, (the city) style. You can tell by looking at these photos that we both had our Irish up as the discussion regarding who played third base on the '59 White Sox got very heated! Joe, the Maestro, Vannelli had to act as both producer and referee. You can see him trying to separate us before fisticuffs ensued... Okay, that was all a big fat lie. We heard that if people get in fights that it goes "viral" on social media. Kidding... Truth is Lee and I worked hard and had a great time. The AXS TV concert special featuring our show at Red Rocks Amphitheater is off the rails. Fans of both bands will get to see each of us play a set of hits, and then we all come together and play six number one songs, three from each band, all together. It is indescribable fun and energy. We will let you know the premiere date when it is set. Okay, gotta run...rock on, kc

November 7, 2014
Hi friends,

Hi friends, REO Speedwagon has a long history with the Los Angeles Lakers. We were long time season ticket holders at the Forum during the Showtime era in the 80s. Michael Cooper and Kurt Rambis appeared in an infamous music video with us, and Gary and I used to give Rambis guitar lessons out at Richrath's ranch. Backup center Marc Landsberger actually carried me off the stage when I blew out my hamstring jumping off the piano during a show at Compton Terrace in Phoenix in 1981. Backstage after a sold out show at the Forum I was presented a basketball with Magic Johnson, Karreem Abdul Jabbar, James Worthy and the whole 1985 NBA Championship team's hand written autographs...yada, yada, yada. Needless to say, even though these past few seasons have been particularly challenging, I remain a Laker Lifer. Anyway, earlier this year my wife Lisa shot a video of our daughter Holly singing the National Anthem with her ACA choir and suggested I see about getting it to my friend Lisa Estrada, the Lakers' entertainment director. This past Tuesday we all went down to Staples center to hear Holly and the choir, under the direction of Alan Rose, sing the Anthem, (they nailed it big time!), and we all stayed to watch Kobe Bryant and the Lakers take on the Phoenix Suns. Lisa and I were captured on the giant scoreboard video screen by the "Kiss Cam", so I gave her a big smooth for all to see...including Dave Amato, who also happened to be at the game! Our thanks to Ms Estrada for taking such good care of us.  Then Wednesday morning Dave and I packed our bags and headed off to Toronto to join up with the band for shows on Thursday in Niagra Falls, tonight in Windsor, Ontario, and a third on Saturday in Lawrenceburg, IN. The venue here at Caesars Palace in Windsor is awesome. I am looking out my hotel room window across the river at the Detroit skyline, so I am inviting our Motor City brothers and sisters to come on over the bridge and hang with your REO buddies tonight. We are gonna rock this joint! Pictured court side at Staples Center from right to left: Lisa Cronin, kc, Chris McCall, Paris Cronin, Shane Cronin and Josh Cronin....(Holly was sitting up with the choir.)

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