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July 14, 2015
Hi friends, this photo is of the view from my room here at the beautiful Hard Rock, Sioux City.

Hi friends, this photo is of the view from my room here at the beautiful Hard Rock, Sioux City. You can see chairs being set up for tonight's show as we speak. It is amazing being able to watch the evolution of a concert as it happens all day long. Pretty soon the audience will start arriving and finding their seats. Watching it all from up here puts the whole thing in a different perspective. I have to take in the idea that all of this is possible because people have taken our music and made it their own. Our fans, the stage hands, the caterers, the crew guys and drivers all come together and make it possible for us to go out on that stage and have the time of our lives tonight. After all these years it still blows me away. See you soon...Thanks you guys! kc

June 8, 2015
Hi Friends,

Hi friends, I guess it was inevitable that my young sons Josh and Shane would eventually get bitten by the rock and roll bug. Josh is the band manager and Shane is the lead singer of "The 101". Shane is shown below playing a floor Tom ala our buddy Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons. I sent Dan this photo and his response was immediate, cool and supportive...made my boys' day. I remember being in bands in high school and how important it was to us to get any kind of positive feedback. Each generation of bands needs to be mindful of passing the torch of rock'n roll to the next. Obviously Dan Reynolds has not forgotten that feeling, which makes me respect him even more than I already did. Imagine Dragons are awesome.

May 26, 2015
To Our Brothers and Sisters in Herrin, IL.

As we hit the stage Sunday night we felt your energy, which stoked our energy, which evidently fed the energy of Mother Nature, as she decided to put a premature end to the fun. Those of you who were there know all too well that we had barely finished our fourth song when the horizontal rain began to soak us all. At once our stage set came loose from its moorings and began rolling toward me, Bryan leapt from his riser with a look of, "We need to get off this stage right now", look on his face, and lightning lit the sky like Memorial Day fireworks. REO is all about riding storms out. There was a time when we looked extreme weather in the eye and played on despite electric storms, hail, even tornados. But safety comes first these days as we have been forced to take the power of weather into serious consideration. So we are as disappointed as are the good people of Herrin, IL. that the show had to be cut way short on Sunday. The people of Illinois are our people. Let's hope we can rock together real soon. We love you all... kc and the REO boys

May 7, 2015
Hi friends, the REO Family was out in force for the Imagine REO Speedragons on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

Hi friends, the REO Family was out in force for the Imagine REO Speedragons on the Jimmy Kimmel Show this past Monday. Look at all those smiling faces. We had a night to remember, surrounded by our beautiful wives and kids, the awesome Kimmel crew, and our new friends Imagine Dragons. Jimmy is a down to earth friendly guy. My sons Josh and Shane are true fans of the show and got selfies with both Jimmy and Guillermo. Shout out to our longtime buddy John "Wolky" Wolk who was instrumental in making this appearance happen. Below: Lisa, Jimmy, and KC. Dan and KC, Shane Cronin, Jimmy and KC with the back of Wolky's head. The Hitts, the Halls, the Cronins, Dave, Dee Dee and Neal Doughty.

May 2, 2015
Hi friends, lots of big events coming up.

Hi friends, lots of big events coming up. Tonight we get to watch the Fight of the Century with Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao, and Monday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live we get to see the Mash-Up of the Century, well certainly at least the mash up of the week with the debut of Imagine REO Dragonwagon, or is it REO Speed Dragon? Call it what you will, we are all very psyched about this gig. I was on the phone with Wayne, the Dragon's guitarist yesterday and both bands are into performing "Roll With The Changes" like it has never been done before! Then the Family First Tour starts kicking into gear. We are playing a more select schedule than usual this year, only because we all want more time at home. We all love playing live, but this summer we are going to conserve some energy. At the same time we worked up "Say You Love Me Or Say Goodnight", "In My Dreams", and have added Dave singing lead on "Stranglehold" to our encore. Dave took over when Derek St Holmes left Ted's band in the mid 80s and knows all those classic songs. I have always had two loves, family and music. Keeping the two in balance is very important to me, but ultimately it is Family First. I am so fortunate to have a strong and supportive wife, (we just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary), and four awesome children. I especially love it when family and music intersect as they did last weekend... Dave, Bryan, and I did a benefit show for the William Shattner Foundation which funds a number of children's charities. We played an unplugged set at the LA Equestrian Center and were joined by the Cronettes, Lisa and Holly Cronin on backing vocals. At one point I had all of them, plus my sons Josh And Shane, and Bill and Liz Shattner on stage for our finale of Roll With The Changes. My grown son Paris was working that night. I was told that when my family was all together singing that I had a joyful glow all around me, and I believe it as I sure felt that way. Okay, so make some popcorn, set your DVR, whatever it takes, but don't miss the REImagine O Wagon Dragons on Jimmy Kimmel, Monday at 11:30, 10:30 Central on ABC...kc

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